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Residential Services

Your environment – your home, workspace, and the land on which you live – directly affects every aspect of your life. Your ability to have healthy relationships, a warm and loving home life, success in your career, travel, and other creative interests, all of it begins with the energy in your most intimate spaces.

Let’s take a look at what’s going on in your home.

The ancient art of Feng Shui teaches that each area of your home aligns with an aspect of your life. Clutter in the Prosperity section of your home, for instance, may make attracting that new, higher paying job a challenge. Memories of a past failed relationship may haunt you in your bedroom. Sometimes, emotional imprints from past residents can make you feel confused, sad, or even angry.

At Property Therapist, we partner with you to create effective and meaningful transformation for you and your space. Every experience is unique, beginning with a deep dive into your vision and dreams. We then evaluate your home to identify all elements that directly contradict or support your vision in the realms of Feel, Function, and Flow.

Energy Healing

Clear the old and bring in new energies that are aligned with and powerfully support your vision for yourself and your family

Identify and heal energetic vacuums (that are sucking the life out of you)

Identify and clear emotional imprints of past and current occupants (depression, anxiety, anger, fear, confusion, etc.)

Heal negative associations with your space (memories of past grief and conflicts impacting your way of being)

Identify and heal other sources of strong negativity (objects, furnishings, antiques)

Establish new energetic patterns that continually enhance and amplify positivity and productivity

Identify and address problem areas of your home – clutter zones, unfriendly or forbidding spaces like attics and basements.

Prepare for sale

Creative Design

Evaluate and redesign your physical space to maximize function and flow

Design for hard to solve problems of space usage

Design to increase happiness and eliminate frustration

Design of outdoor spaces

Structural and interior design to enhance and enliven your life

Interior design with Feng Shui principles to bolster prosperity, positivity, and happiness


Practical help to maximize use of space

Sorting, organizing, clearing clutter

Packing for a move, unpacking and organizing in your new space

All in the context of clean vibrant energy

Psychic guidance

Learn what’s happening behind the scenes with each family member and what they need to be happy and succeed

Identify and heal dysfunctional dynamics at home

Develop practices that raise your energetic vibration towards peace and happiness

Get answers to questions that elude your logical mind

Raise the bar on creativity and productivity

Get help aligning your purpose and vision with a powerful trajectory for success

Testimonials from Our Clients

    "Both my parents passed away within a few years of each other. Our dining room, once filled with their laugher, took on a painful and dark feeling. We stopped using it completely and rarely turned on the lights. Melanie gently walked me through the process of healing not only my broken heart, but my painful associations with this central room. I am forever grateful to Melanie for helping me confront my grief and transform the regret and sadness into acceptance and peace. We are now entertaining in the dining room regularly and it is once again a place of joy!"

    Nicole Gardner

    Executive in Residence

      "When we moved into our new home, Melanie came to help us settle in. I had been feeling unsure about our new place. Even though its was a new construction, it felt in disarray. It definitely did not feel like home yet. Melanie cleared random energies, healed the land, and balanced the home until it felt harmonious, comfortable, and safe. She helped me uncover and heal the source of my unease - a hidden fear of my husband dying. Melanie had cleared our last two homes upon our moving in and it has made all the difference. I can't imagine moving in anywhere without her by my side."

      Wendy Capland

      CEO of Visionquest Consulting