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Melanie Holden, PT is the Property TherapistTM. Early in her career as a physical therapist, Melanie discovered her aptitude for perceiving and working with the human energy field. As she helped her clients heal, Melanie was surprised to find that their issues sometimes stemmed from the energy in the home, and she began her exploration into the fascinating dynamic between one’s home and one’s health.

Melanie began to “treat” her client’s homes as well as their bodies, incorporating the principles of Feng Shui, which uses color, layout, and the flow of energy to enhance wellbeing. Melanie’s results were so impressive that clients began to call on her expertise to help their businesses expand and flourish.

Property TherapistTM is now a full service family-operated business that offers support to manufacturing and commercial businesses, individuals, homeowners, home flippers and real estate agents. Our unique process helps you define your vision and realize it through the transformation of your space.


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It is rare to find someone as talented in the commercial arena as she is exceptional in the healing space. A physical therapist for over 35 years, Melanie has helped thousands recover from serious injury and pain and find a peacefulness they never dreamed possible. She is known internationally for her expertise in energy healing, mindfulness and the Property TherapistTM method, which continues to transform businesses and homes around the globe.

Melanie’s passion is creating spaces that embrace and support what you are up to in the world. She uses her intuitive abilities to help you uncover the hidden obstacles and often pervasive issues holding you back in your life and your business. She then provides you with the direction and practical support to move beyond and realize your vision.

Melanie brings a pragmatic, result driven approach to the intangible yet invaluable world of energy.

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Bill is Property Therapist’s main design professional. Bill’s talents lie in being able to look at systems, large and small, and create solutions that solve even the most challenging problems. As one of our manufacturing clients said when we delivered Bill’s renovation design, “We’ve been trying to figure this out for 10 years without success. This is the first plan I have seen that solves our issues and adds useable space to boot!”

Bill’s background in systems architecture has given him experience with highly complex systems such as gas and water treatment plants, missile guidance systems, tanks and submarines, medical device testing laboratories, complex healthcare systems, residential properties and more. He is by nature a problem solver, able to clearly see the gaps and the possibilities. He uses the Property Therapist model to bring together “Feel, Function and Flow” into designs that at their core, meet your needs and then some.

A successful design, according to Bill, is one that checks off all the items on your list of essentials and desires and solves your most complex problems.

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The foundation of good professional organizing is a mind that can look at a mound of deep clutter and immediately see it perfectly sorted and arranged in an orderly, user-friendly pattern. Tara’s vision is an integral part of Property Therapist’s success. She helps you organize your stuff – whether clothes or manufacturing parts – to gain back time you spend on searching for lost objects and money spent on purchasing more, simply because they have been misplaced. Her organizational systems streamline productivity and reduce frustration at home and in the workplace.

With a plan in place, Tara is on the ground with you, helping you sort and clear your space, while solving issues of storage, categorization, and accessibility. She uses color, lighting and other visual cues to make it easy to find what you need and to maintain ongoing organization.

Tara’s natural aesthetic sense helps you bring your vision to life in a way that is not only functionally sound, but visually appealing.  Her goal is to have you feel delighted every time you enter a room or open a cabinet door, even in your office or manufacturing plant! She leaves your space organized and streamlined. She knows that how you feel when you perform your daily tasks and interact with your environment has a profound and lasting effect on your mood, available brain power and overall success.

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