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Real Estate Services

Every real estate agent will tell you that houses sell based on how they Feel to the buyer. Your property can check off every item on their wish list, be in the best neighborhood, and even be the right color, but if it doesn’t feel like home, no sale. 

That’s where we come in. Property Therapist will evaluate your home to identify all elements that directly oppose or support the sale of your property in the realms of Feel, Function, and Flow.

Want a fresh start yourself?

Hire us to clear the energies in your new place and help you to align the FEELFUNCTION and FLOW for your happiest, healthiest home!

Energy Healing

Identify and clear emotional imprints of past and current occupants

Identify and heal other sources of strong negativity (objects, furnishings, antiques)

Establish new energies that are aligned with your future buyer

Clear the energies in your new home before move-in day and establish the perfect feel for you and your family


Arrange your home to help buyers see the possibility for their own happy place

Includes furniture arrangement, placement of art and objects

May include removal or replacement of certain items temporarily


Sorting, organizing, clearing clutter

Helping you decide what to pack away and what to display during the sale process

Packing for a move, unpacking and organizing in your new space

All in the context of clean vibrant energy

Creative Design

Assess your new home and design for hard to solve problems of space usage

Design for outdoor spaces that meet your needs for play, gathering, and peace

Design to increase happiness and eliminate frustration

Structural and interior design to enhance and enliven your life

Interior design with Feng Shui principles to bolster prosperity, positivity, and creativity

Psychic Guidance

Find out what you need to do to sell your house more quickly

Who might your buyer be, and what will help them decide to buy

Get help with completion, letting go of your home so that someone else can love it

Heal your past to create new possibilities for happiness in your new home

Testimonials from Our Clients

    "When my mother's home was not selling, we asked Melanie to come and give us a hand. She cleared the energies that were trapped in the home - memories of sorrow from my father's early death, fear from my mother's fall that put her into an assisted living, and more. She recommended staging and a few other things, but we decided to move forward without adding additional cost and effort. The house sold a few weeks later at an excellent price to a contractor that would renovate and resell. I highly recommend her services!"

    Elisa LaFrenier

    Senior Director, Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc.

      "Our antique home, built in 1757, had been on the market for two years without anyone coming back for a second look. We had dropped the price by $100,000 and still had no interest from buyers. Two weeks after Melanie cleared the energy in our house, it sold! I was very skeptical, but am now a believer. Her professional manner kept me at ease during an experience that was way "outside my box." If you are getting ready to sell your house, I recommend you hire Melanie right from the start. I wish we had known about her two years ago when we first listed our house!"

      Mary Garrigan

      Home Owner