Melanie Holden worked with my manufacturing company to help bring the vision for our physical space into reality. By combining her project management and design skills with her expertise in feng shui and spatial energy, Melanie guided us seamlessly through the renovation process. We now have a space that truly works for us and supports our next phase of business growth. Melanie was great to work with and we highly recommend her!

Tim Walsh, CEO

When we moved into our new home, Melanie came to help us settle in. I had been feeling unsure about our new place. Even though it was new construction, it felt in disarray. It definitely did not feel like home yet. Melanie cleared random energies, healed the land, and balanced the home until it felt harmonious, comforting, and safe. She helped me uncover and heal the source of my unease – a hidden fear of my husband dying. Melanie has cleared our last two homes upon our moving in and it has made all the difference. I can’t imagine moving in anywhere without her by my side. Read the full story…

Wendy Capland, CEO of Visionquest Consulting

“Our antique home, built in 1757, had been on the market for two years without anyone coming back for a second look. We had dropped the price by $100,000.00 and still had no interest from buyers. Two weeks after Melanie cleared the energy in our house, it sold! I was very skeptical but am now a believer. Her professional manner kept me at ease during an experience that was way “outside my box.”  If you are getting ready to sell your house, I recommend you hire Melanie right from the start. I wish we had known about her two years ago when we first listed our house!”

Mary Garrigan

Both my parents passed away within a few years of each other. Our dining room, once filled with their laughter, took on a painful and dark feeling. We stopped using it completely and rarely turned on the lights. Melanie gently walked me through the process of healing not only my broken heart, but my painful associations with this central room. I am forever grateful to Melanie for helping me confront my grief and transform the regret and sadness into acceptance and peace. We are now entertaining in the dining room regularly and it is once again a place of joy!

Nicole Gardner, Executive in Residence

When my mother’s home was not selling, we asked Melanie to come and give us a hand. She cleared the energies that were trapped in the home – memories of sorrow from my father’s early death, fear from my mother’s fall that put her into assisted living, and more. She recommended staging and a few other things, but we decided to move forward without adding additional cost and effort. The house sold a few weeks later at an excellent price to a contractor that would renovate and resell. I highly recommend her services!

Elisa Lafrenier,  Senior Director, Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Melanie is truly a professional and so very talented! She has an amazing eye towards creating space in your home where gatherings and special moments can be shared. During our home renovation, Melanie assessed our family’s interests, social needs, and relationships to create a floor plan that added an amazing music room to our home! Oh my goodness….we should have thought of it and didn’t. Being a very musical family, she has provided space to make for wonderful memories. It is a place that my grown children forever hold special to their hearts. They still come home and jam in their space. Their music room was instrumental in developing their musical talents. Truly a blessing!! Melanie’s touch is reflected in so many decisions during our home renovation. We will always be so grateful for her talents that blessed our family in so many ways!

Donna Iacopucci, COO of Entelechy